At School

Absence from School

Absence from School is now categorised into authorised and unauthorised. Every school must now publish statistics which show the level of unauthorised absences. If your child is away from school, we would ask you to notify us on the first morning to let the school know that they will not be in. When your child returns to school we would ask that you write a letter explaining why your child has been absent. In the event of not receiving a written explanation the absence would be recorded as unauthorised.

If your child has a medical or dental appointment, please inform the teacher well in advance. Your child will then get a treatment mark. If the appointment takes place during the day, you (or a nominated person of the family) must collect and return your child from the school office.

Accidents and Emergencies

If for any reason your child is taken ill during the school day or has an accident, it may be necessary to contact you urgently. Please make sure you keep the School Office informed of any change of address, telephone number, place of work, hours of work and mobile / work telephone number. New parents will be asked to complete a form that asks for this information. If you or your emergency contact cannot be reached immediately and your child requires hospitalisation a member of staff will accompany your child to the local hospital and will wait there with your child until one of you arrives.

If you are registered with ParentMail you will also need to complete a new registration form. Forms are available on this website or at the School Office.


Pyrgo Priory Primary is acting upon new guidance regarding administering any medication in schools. Please note that school staff are recommended not to administer any medication unless: It is prescribed by a Doctor or GP Medication is in an appropriate container clearly marked with the child’s name, class, name and strength of medicine and information re dosage. Written parental agreement for school to administer medicine* Medication is handed into office and collected from the office at the end of the school day.

Parents of children who are known asthmatics or diabetic should bring in medication as above which will be kept in the medical room.

The dedicated Welfare Assistants at this school will assist and/or supervise the children. *A Parental Agreement Form for Administering Medicines is available to download on this site or the School Office.


No valuables or toys should be brought to school e.g. mobile phones and computer games.

Jewellery is not allowed to be worn in PE, Games and Swimming. The wearing of jewelry in school is strongly discouraged for safety reasons.

Teachers are not responsible for looking after any jewellery or the loss of jewellery.