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An easier way to make school payments!

sQuid is an online payment system that can be used to make a variety of school payments. Parents can use sQuid to pay for school payments such as: Dinner Money top ups, Cashless Catering top ups.  As we introduce sQuid, we will send you your unique registration details so that you can create a sQuid account and top up your account online.

Where do I start?

sQuid is really simple. All you need to do to get started with sQuid is to create a sQuid account.

Create a sQuid account

You should have received a welcome letter from us with your own unique 16 digit sQuid registration number and a 3 digit security code. Click here to create your sQuid account and enter these numbers. You will then be able to top up your account and view your balance and transactions.

Login to your sQuid account

Click here to login to your sQuid account to check your balance, top up or update your personal details and preferences.

How secure is the sQuid system?

sQuid uses sophisticated fraud prevention and detection processes, and conforms to the FCA Regulatory Requirements.

How does it work?

Once you create a sQuid account, you can login, top up and check your balance online at anytime. You can also view your transactions online to check how much has been spent and when. sQuid will send you account updates and payment confirmation via email.

sQuid is the most socially inclusive system as it has the widest range of top up options available to you. You can top up by credit or debit card, or bank transfer. You can also securely store your debit or credit details for faster payments, and even set up an Auto top up so you never run out of funds on your account.

Please click here to view the sQuid support page for parents.

  • Benefits to parents
  • Online payments with the ability to store payment card details for faster payments
  • Easy-to-use, 24/7, online customer portal
  • View transaction history online
  • Account updates and payment confirmation via email
  • Dedicated customer service team
  • No more writing cheques or sending cash to school

Download the sQuid App now

The sQuid App is free to download on iOS and Android devices and provides a quicker, more convenient way to access, manage and top up your online sQuid account.

To download the sQuid App on iOS and Android devices, please click on the appropriate download links below:

Free School Meals

If you feel you might be eligable for Free School Meals ring 01708 433929.  You will need your National Insurance Number handy when you make the call.

Cool Milk

  • Click here to register your child for school milk.
  • Veggie RUN


    Veggie Run, the newly developed FREE healthy app from Havering Educational Services for Havering Primary and Junior school children has now launched. The app aims to create healthy competition amongst Primary and Junior school children, where they learn to dodge unhealthy foods and get rewarded by collecting fruit and vegetables. Help a ‘Crunch Bunch’ character keep healthy and fit by running through the seasonal map and collect as many coins as you can. You have a limited amount of time so it’s very important that you collect as many fruits as you can to add time to keep the characters going but BEWARE! If you run into the unhealthy food you will lose time and eventually the game will end. So know what’s good for you and know what is not so good and happy running and health and fitness!

    Click here to download Veggie RUN on Google Play.

    Click here to download Veggie RUN via the App Store.