Good Provider Ofsted Rating

Drapers’ Pyrgo Priory School staff and pupils are this week celebrating the release of their positive Ofsted Report.

Principal Karen Becker has this week been delighted to inform staff and parents that the school continues to be recognised as a ‘Good Provider,’ following the one day Ofsted inspection shortly after Christmas. The school is extremely proud of this successful outcome, which is a reward for the dedication, hard work and professionalism of the entire school community.

Ofsted was impressed with the school, and observed in particular that the safeguarding strategy in place was a particularly effective one. “Staff know how to raise any concerns they have about a pupil’s welfare using the school’s comprehensive system,” adding, “pupils know how to keep themselves safe, including when using online technology. E-safety lessons help pupils to understand how to manage risk online. Parents and pupils agree that the school is a safe place to learn.”

Ofsted said of the school’s leadership team, “[they have] maintained the good quality of education in the school since the last inspection. [They] have set high expectations for what pupils can achieve. These expectations are based on mutual respect. The school motto exemplifies this: ‘Everything we are goes into everything we do.’ One of the strengths of the school is the pupils’ attitudes to learning. They work hard to support each other. They are also polite and resilient and take a pride in their school.”

Drapers’ Pyrgo Priory School is delighted with the Good Provider report, which really highlights the positive changes which have been implemented over the past few years. Writing in their report Ofsted said, “You have established an effective new senior leadership team. You have created a leadership team that is determined to do the best for all the pupils in the school. Together, you have led the improvements, in increasing the proportion of good and outstanding teaching and raising achievement in the early years, that were identified in the last report. You have ensured that progress is good in all subjects, especially at the end of Year 6.”

Drapers’ Pyrgo Priory School was formed in 2016, when the former Pyrgo Priory Primary School became an Academy, joining the Drapers’ Multi-Academy Trust. In its former existence Pyrgo Priory Primary School was also assessed as good by Ofsted in its last inspection in 2012.

Mrs Becker said of the report, “I am absolutely delighted with the outcome of our Ofsted inspection. My team of staff and I are incredibly proud to see all the hard work and dedication rewarded in this way. The report was overwhelmingly positive, with only ‘attendance and persistent absence’ being observed as needing improvement. This is an area we are already working closely with the community to improve. To see our teaching, leadership and safeguarding standards observed so positively makes me very proud. I would also like to extend my thanks to our governors, parents and carers for their continued support for the school.”

Published Friday 2nd February 2018