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Our Sponsors

The Drapers’ Company

In the early thirteenth century, a group of woollen-cloth merchants in the City of London came together for mutual support. What began as a fellowship later became a trade guild and in 1364 a Royal Charter gave
the Drapers’ Company formal recognition and the power to govern its own affairs. The Company is now one
of the Twelve Great Livery Companies of the City of London with around 700 members who come from all walks of life.

Its involvement in the support of education is long and deep and is marked by a commitment to increasing access to opportunity and pushing the boundaries of innovation. The Company has been involved in founding schools and colleges since the sixteenth century, using funds donated by its members. In 1887 it supported the founding of The People’s Palace Technical Schools in East London to provide education to people from all backgrounds. This institution went on to become Queen Mary University of London.

In 2010 The Drapers’ Company became the Lead Sponsor of Drapers’ Academy with QMUL, and in 2014
it became the Lead Member of the Drapers’ Multi-Academy Trust. The Drapers’ Company provides governors
for the MAT schools and Trustees for the MAT Board, grants significant charitable funding to the MAT,
and also offers mentoring and careers advice. Pupils and students from the MAT schools are regularly invited
to visit Drapers’ Hall.

More information about The Drapers' Company can be found on their website

Queen Mary University of London

Queen Mary University of London is a leading research-intensive university and is a member of the
Russell Group. It has over 28,000 students studying on more than 240 different degree programmes,
including Degree Apprenticeships. It has three academic Faculties: Humanities and Social Sciences;
Science and Engineering; and Medicine and Dentistry. QM is a unique place of world-leading research and unparalleled diversity and inclusivity, that lives and breathes its history and heritage and is embedded in
the communities it serves. QM has a strong track-record of contributing to the development of education in London through innovative partnerships.

Alongside its high standards of academic excellence, QM is known for its friendly culture and is the only university in London to have its teaching, leisure and accommodation facilities all on a campus, making life
and study much easier for its students. QM provides governors for the MAT schools and Trustees for the
MAT Board, as well as mentoring and educational and careers advice for pupils at the MAT schools

For more information about Queen Mary University of London