Progression of skills and knowledge

To ensure there is progression within and across subjects, we have set out the specific set of skills and knowledge which should be taught in each subject over the 7 years at primary school. These skills and knowledge progressions are used to map the order in which the content of a subject should be taught. This ensures that children gain the knowledge and develop the specific skills needed, in a logical order, to achieve the overall goal. It also ensures that, as units are revisited each year, the specific skills and knowledge focused upon are a clear development of the children's prior learning.

Research has shown that when learning can be related to real life, it gives it meaning and purpose, and therefore it is remembered more easily. As a result, we fill our curriculum with real experiences, including visitors, theme days, workshops, trips and the use of the local area. Linking subjects to other subjects also enhances long-term memory.  All our Foundation subjects are therefore meaningfully linked to another aspect of the curriculum and a range of strategies and devices (e.g. bespoke Knowledge Organisers) is used by class teachers to support long-term memory.  All Foundation subject units are sequenced using Hook Templates (progressive planning formats based on enquiries to hook the children into a subject and to reignite interest throughout the delivery of the unit). 

Our curriculum is inclusive and we ensure that it is accessible for those with disabilities or special educational needs.