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At Pyrgo we have established a safeguarding culture. This means that:

  • Children are protected from harm
  • There is an open and honest culture to promote the safety and well-being of everyone in the organization
  • Children are able to thrive because they feel secure
  • Everyone in the organization is clear about their roles, responsibilities and boundaries
  • Allegations are dealt with effectively
  • Staff and volunteers are protected from misplaced allegations
  • The organization shows that welfare is a priority
  • Health and safety is everyone’s responsibility

Parents and Carers are able to support our safeguarding culture by:

  • Sharing information with staff which may affect safety of children
  • Being aware of health and safety risks and reporting them to staff
  • Supporting the no jewellery policy of our schools by removing earrings before school starts
  • Providing a P.E. kit for hygiene
  • Ensuring that uniform is ‘fit for purpose’, that your child is able to move freely, be warm or cool enough and can run without injury
  • Providing a drinking water bottle to help your child stay hydrated
  • Supporting our healthy school policy by not providing sugary snacks

Please see our Policies and Important Documents page for our Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy.

Pyrgo Policies Page