Local Fire-Brigade and Paramedic visit our Nursery.

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12th February 2024 Local News

As part of our Topic this half term we have been learning about People Who Help Us. On Thursday 1st February it was a very exciting day, we were lucky enough to have the local Fire-Brigade visit us in Nursery. We got the chance to have a look at the uniform the firefighters wear and the special equipment they use to put out fires. We got to go on the back of the fire truck and try on the helmets they use to keep themselves safe. We also learnt that they don’t only put out fires but help people who may be stuck in lifts and locked out of their houses. We also learnt the number we need to ring if we ever needed help from the Fire-Brigade. We know we call 999 but only if we really need help!

We also got the opportunity to have a visit from a Technician who works alongside a Paramedic on an Ambulance. They help people who are feeling poorly and take them to hospital. We were shown and got the chance to use some of the equipment paramedics and technicians use when they are helping people. Matt explained what each bit of equipment was used for and even showed us how to bandage our heads, knees or arms if we ever got hurt.

We had lots of fun learning about how Firefighters and Paramedics help us!426636531 815353987276557 1580160525238079768 n (1)